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Czech Republic - Europe, Bohemian Paradise

Relax, wellness, 1 hour from Prague

Relaxing and Wellness SPA in Czech Republic:
provides balance, harmony, tranquil and well being. Relaxation techniques and treatment are combined to give the maximum benefit for your personal needs. Are hard-hitting against stress and depression. We take a holistic approach to ensuring that your mind, body and spirit are carefully nourished. We offer cryo and weight loss program with relaxing. Our physiotherapists can help you by problems of locomotive apparatus.

Relax, Wellness and SPA - treatments:
Thermal bath with hydromassage, pulsed magnetotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), oxygenotherapy, shiatsu therapy, wellness, therapeutic, lymphatic and foot reflexology massage, honey massage, Hot stones massage, Bodywave - soundwave massage, manual lymphatic drainage, air pressure lymphmassage, herbalbath, mud bath, bath with salt from Dead Sea, carbon dioxide dry body wraps, infrared body wraps Golf Beautytherm Profi, Vacu shape (Vacu Step), whole body cryotherapy - cryosauna, sauna, light and sound mind machines - AVS.

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Program against stress and fatique here
Packages for weight loss on slimming
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Therapeutic programs with cryocabin cryotherapy

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Within a radius of 35 km from Jablonec nad Nisou:
Bohemian Paradise, national cultural heritages - castles, chateaus, ruins of the thirteenth century. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau Style. Museums (glass, jewellery), galleries, botanical and zoological garden. National Park "Giant Mountains - Krkonoše". Natural sceneries, rock borough, dolomitic karstic caves, wonderful landscape, mountains, dammed. Summer and winter sports, hiking. 60 min far from the capital Prague.Other Tips for trips

Termální lázně Silvester

SPA packages for weekend and weeklong.

RELAX BONUS. 2 nights, 1x massage 60 minutes, 1x shiatsu, 2x thermal-bath,
2x magnetotherapy, 2x air pressure lymphatic drainage .

6x nights, 2x massage 30 minutes, 3x thermal-bath, 2x magneto-therapy, 2x dry carbon dioxide bath, 2x oxygenotherapy, 1x air pressure lymphatic drainage 60 min., 1x sauna.

WEIGHT LOSS & CELLULITIS EXTRA. 6x nights, 6x heated body wraps, 4x thermal-bath,
5x carbon-dioxyde dry bath, 3x massage, 1x sauna, 2x lymfoven - air pressure lymphatic drainage, 6x 20 minutes fitness training.Treatments 19 hours. Price HERE

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Wellness Shiatsu Therapy

Lymphdrainage in Czech Republic


Lymfoven - lymphdrainage
air pressure massage

Infrarot-therapy - Golf Beautytherm Profi

wellness dry carbon dioxid bath

Heated body wraps
Infrared slimming - Golf Beautytherm Profi

Dry Carbon Dioxid Bath

Oxygenotherapy in Czech

AVS-audio-visual-stimulation Relaxing

Kryoterapy - cryosauna


Audiovisual Stimulation

Whole Body Cryotherapy

stress diagnostic

After 8 days program:

After Stress Treatment

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