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Hot Stones

Hot Stone Therapy, Massage by hot stones

Hot Stone therapy, la stone therapy

The massage with the use of hot stones is an old technique like humanity itself. Civilizations all over the world had known the miraculous function of magma stones for many years. The hot stone therapy is connected with the power of three elements – earth, fire and water. At the time of Antique, China, India, Mesopotamia, Southern and Northern Indians or in Hawaii cold and hot stones were used to heal the human body. As any other knowledge this art of doctors and healers are known for ages and are accepted by modern civilisation.

The present world is discovering one of the most effective massages at all. This miraculous heat of lava stones is becoming a more and more favourite procedure. There isn’t any other massage which can bring such feelings as the hot stone one. The hot stone therapy is one of the most enjoyable massages you can experience.

The hot stone therapy is dominating among the classical massages thanks to its own effects on body and soul. You will feel completely relaxed and in harmony. You will forget the everyday stress, concerns and the world around you.

It is one of the best way to get rid of stress and inner disharmony. Try to imagine the pleasure of heat coming from volcanic stones to every single part of your body. You will have lovely rest and even after the massage you will feel completely relaxed througt the heat.

How the massage is carried out?
The stones are warmed up in a special pot with hot water up to 55°C. Gradually warmed stones are put on chosen spots on back. After that a special massage of back and legs is carried out by hands and stones. You will lie on your back in the second part of the procedure. The massage continues on the foreside of the legs, reflexology massage of feets by little stones. Than follows the massage of arms and hands, neck and low neck and face. The hot stone massage is carried out along with the classic massage. It is possible to use some essential oils for a better effect. The stones are put in hands, on feets and between fingers. It is important to be in touch with the therapist as stones may be too hot for people with sensitive skin.

hot stones hot stone massage hot stones therapy

The massage by stones is a great relaxation for body and mind. Warm temperature from smooth stones goes up to 3 cm in depth into the organism. It has a positive effect on physiological processes. You can easily get rid of stress and nervousness, insomnia and other psychical problems. It also brings complete relaxation, feelings of safety when stress itself flies away. The heat from stones helps to loose muscles and joints, cramps, blockades, regulate digestion and fasten metabolism, get rid of waste products from tissues, it also contributes to the right function of the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. Likewise the cosmetic effect is extraordinary strong. The massage makes skin supple and the heat opens the pores. It has a beneficial influence on the lymphatic system as well as on the cellulite. It also harmonises chakras (energetic centres) and meridians (energetic path) function. It induces a meditative state of mind, body and soul. The feelings and effects persist for several days.

At the end of the massage it is good to stay on the couch for few more minutes. The massage by hot stones is much more intensive than the classic one. You wil be completely relaxed for several hours or even days. At least one hour or better for the rest of the day it is important to avoid any physical exercise, driving a car and any other physical or psychical activities. It is necessary to drink enough water or herbal tea. Coffee and black tea should be avoided as they dehydrate the body.

The main health effects of the hot stone massage

• Stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system.
• Deep relaxation and harmonising of the organism.
• Gradually warms up the whole body.
• Helps to detoxify the organism.
• Harmonise the energy of the body
• Strengthens the memory and improves the concentration.
• Improves the function of the nervous system, gets rid of psychical problems, neurosis, depression, fastens the metabolism, regulates fluid retention in the body.
• Regulates difficulties with digestive system and weight problems.
• Reduces the menopause difficulties.
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Helps with mobility problem, back pain, neck, joints, rheumatic and arthritis disorders.
• Great regeneration after physical and sport activities.

The hot stone massage is recommended to anybody who has problems with insomnia, lack of concetration, inability to relax, businessman who are under the pressure most of the time. Also to people who have to make some big achievement in very short time.

Any type of massage is not suitable or just possible with caution:

• Immediately after physical activity or meal
• Varicose veins (inform a therapist if you have inner veins as they don´t have to be visible)
• Intensive or painful menstruation
• Pregnancy
• Varices
• Open wounds and bruises
• Extreme sensitivity on heat
• High blood pressure
• Heart disorders
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Infections disorder
• Skin infection
• inflammation

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