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Dry Carbon Dioxide Bath

The dry carbon dioxide bath is a very effective and prophylactic system especially in the sphere of spa services and convalescence. So called "closed carbonic gas bath" treatment has a long and positive influence on the central nervous system, cardiovascular and metabolic system, as well as on blood coagulability.It improves cellular metabolism, blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and promotes mental relaxation. The client is placed in a polyvinyl sack filled with carbon dioxide, and might fall asleep easily as a result of the carbon dioxide's therapeutic effect. The carbon dioxide enters the body through the skin. The heart is slowed, possibly by reflex excitation of the vagus nerve. The carbon dioxide bath has an action similar to digitalis on the blood pressure; if high, the blood pressure is lowered; if low, it is raised. The respiratory and pulse rates are slowed. The heart becomes trained without increasing the frequency of the heart beat.
Carbon dioxide bath improves blood and lymph circulation and frees the respiratory tract. It stops skin infections and hyperpigmentation. It influences muscles, the lymphatic system, raises energy in cells and removes pollution-based toxicity from cells.

This procedure aids in:
· treating hypertension and ischaemic heart disease
· recovering from a heart attack and post-surgical recuperation
· helps by lungs disorders, bronchitis, astma
· improving a patient's immunologic response (incl. alergic reactions)
· rejuvenating the skin and preventing ageing
· reducing swellings
· alleviating menstrual disorders
· alleviating some sexual dysfunctions

This procedure also:
· improves muscular strength
· helps to reduce weight and cellulite
· eliminates migraine headaches
· produces analgetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects
· helps circulation disturbances of the brain
· treats venous insufficiency, ulcus cruris, and oedemas of all type

dry carbon dioxide bath

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