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Body Wave - resonant therapy


Harmonisation by sound wave massage with body wave set
Harmonising tone massage


Resonant therapy – harmonisation by sound wave massage with body wave set (harmonising tone massage). It is a highly effectual method to improve health and to get psychological equilibrium. This deep tone vibration is moving trough body organism straight to tissue and cellules but not by hearing. The sound vibration is stimulating biological processes on the each cellule level. It has influence in stages on muscles and joints, it has strong relaxing effect on blood vessels, lymphatic system, it interferes in viscus, glands, the hormone production and immune system.

The sound vibration has extraordinary positive impact on the whole nervous system. It is positively changing the quality of psychic functions and helps to make intensive recovery processes. It successfully stops the stress, irritation, impulsivity. It also helps to concentrate and lower the hyperactivity.
This new modern way of recovery and relaxation is extraordinary effective to get good health and balance the psyche. It has beneficial influence on physical and psychical stage of human being. It´s bringing a straight release feeling and refreshing inner satisfaction.
The massage by tone resonance could be even applied where classical massage can’t be done. For example by acute pain, problem with arteriosclerosis, bronchial asthma, osteoporosis, back pain, hormone dysfunction, allergy, skin and inner organism problems. Resonance massage has a great outcome. It is used for many sorts of health and psychic problems. Shiatsu and magnetic pumping massages have a great impact on energetic centres, meridians, harmonisation and vitality. This procedure could be done twice a day.

Harmonised massage by sound wave has a positive effect on locomotive organs, back pain, cervical backbone, sacrum, sciatica, joints, hip (coax). Muscle spasm, cramps, painful status. Heart and rhexis, low and high blood pressure, poor vascular, varicose veins, cold limbs. Breathing, lungs, bronchi, asthma, allergy, immune and lymphatic system, oedemas, inflammations. It´s useful with overweight, for reduction of weight, and cellulite healing. Inner organs, digestion, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, bladder, women organs, cramps, hormones problems. Suitable for sexual life, prostate, syndrome of tiredness. Headache, migraine. Psychic, psychical problems, moodiness, depression, anxiety, fear, stress, dependence, impulsivity, concentration, pertinacity, memory, learning, creativity, positive thinking. Hyperactivity, learning disturbance, inattention.

Pregnancy, pacemaker, after accidental status

The method is for any age suitable, even for children. It doesn’t have any side effects. It also supports rejuvenation and all physical and psychical functions.

This is new tone machine in the Czech Republic. But the therapeutic sound vibration has a long history. For example the Tibetans bowls are used for this effect.

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